Sunday, October 31, 2010

Platinum Blue

Platinum Blue is a Sushi/Martini bar located at Park Place Dunwoody. We had the pleasure of hanging out at Platinum Blue a few weeks ago, along with a bunch of old friends.

This restaurant has one of the widest Sushi menus I've ever seen. If it's sushi you will definitely find it here - everything from the ubiquitous California roll to the more exotic Rainbow & Caterpillar roll. Between six of us we ordered a variety of sushi that included a tuna based Shizzle Mizzle and the Platinum Blue House special. It was all extraordinarily delicious. Most importantly, they serve commendable vegetarian fare as well.

We also enjoyed some well made martinis and complimentary rice puffs.

If you're a sushi lover, you gotta go check this one out.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mesa Grill by Bobby Flay

This restaurant review is definitely the star of my blog! We had the pure pleasure of dining at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill during our unforgettable weekend at Las Vegas. Mesa Grill is at Cesar’s Palace and is everything I’d dreamt it to be. Why wouldn’t it be – it’s Bobby Flay after all!

SK loves South Western food – Mexican & other Latin American flavors. Mesa Grill, for that reason, had been a much awaited treat. We began with an appetizer of Bobby Flay’s special queso and blue chips. They also served us a complimentary assortment of breads – broccoli, cinnamon, cheese. SK had the house margarita and I had a glass of Rose wine.

For the entrée, SK ordered a sweet potato and chicken concoction from the brunch menu while I had grilled salmon. Both entrees came in a bed of sinfully delightful sauces and aiolis.

Finally, we topped it all off with a Banana cream pudding.

Thank you, Iron Chef America.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bistro VG

For my brithday, SK wined and dined me at a little French restaurant tucked someplace between Marietta & Alpharetta. The place is called Bistro VG. Elegant, romantic & finger-licking good come to mind.

I ordered a glass of very rich port wine, to begin with. I've suddenly developed a strong liking to Port. The heady goodness gets me each time! It was rather late and we chose to have our entrees right away. Of course, we were served complimentary crispy, breadsticks and a mound of butter. For the main course, I ordered clams with linguine and mushrooms while SK ordered a sweet pea ravioli.

The food was heavenly and our evening wonderful. Thanks husband.

Below is a picture of mah food!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Flip Burger Boutique is a fashionable burger joint at Howell Mill Road. The tag line simply states "Fine Dining between Two Buns". I couldn't have said it better myself. Flip serves gourmet burgers from Butcher's Cut to Chorizo and Crab. The variety of burgers is unparalled. Every burger is served with a delectable assortment of condiments and sauces. They also have an impressive spread of sides - from the traditional onion rings to the rare tempura okra.

Flip is burger heaven. If you like thick juicy patties, yummalicious spreads and quick lunch service right in the heart of midtown Atlanta, then Flip is the place to be.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

High Tea

It's not worth writing down a recipe when all you've done is stuffed pastry sheets with cheese.

But yeah, we had "High Tea" yesterday - Cheese puffs, hummus sandwiches & masala chai.

Kheema Pav

Bombay is famous for every kind and variation of 'pav' dishes. The best known is, of course, the pav bhaji. But you also have usal/misal pav, wada pav, dabeli (a spicy pomegranate mix stuffed in pav) and kheema pav!

True Bombay style Kheema pav will be soaking in oil, tongue-on-fire spicy and oh so delicious! I had to tone my kheema down unfortunately - can't afford to use that much oil! I had left-over buns from the BBQ party last week.

I tava-warmed the bun bread, stuffed it with kheema and added a ring of tomato and onions to it.

That was our Sunday lunch - talk about quick fixes, huh!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

YEAH! Burger

Yeah! Burger is a classy burger joint in Atlanta's art district, somewhere between Northyards & Howell Mill. We discovered it quite by accident, while scrounging for a quick lunch yesterday. So what’s different in Yeah! Burger?

Well, to begin with, you create your own burger. You choose a patty – there’s veggie, turkey breast, grilled chicken, beef and bison meat to choose from. Yes you heard right, they serve a lean, juicy bison meat patty! You then pick a bun – white, wheat and a couple of other options. Once you have the bread out of the way, you proceed to choose toppings (from a smorgasbord of at least 10 different kinds – including caramelized Vidalia onions). Finally, you pick a sauce. I chose a delicious roasted garlic aioli.

So that’s Yeah! Burger for you. They also have an assortment of sides – ranging from the classic French fry to onion rings and more. They have a larger outdoor patio and indoor seating as well – the roominess a necessity for the throng during lunch hours from all the offices nearby.

Go check it out.